St. Austell Printing Company Personalise Myths and Facts booklet

Submitted by: The Two Sides Team 14/09/2016

St. Austell Printing Company are the latest Two Sides member to personalise the cover of the new Myths and Facts booklet. 

“As a printer who holds sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we built our print factory on its principles, working together with Two Sides to educate everyone about print and paper is a priority for us. We want to get the message out there and the Two Sides Myths and Facts booklet helps us do that. We want to tell everyone about the print and paper industry working with the environment not against it. That holds for whoever we’re talking to, whether it's our customers or business connections. As far as we’re concerned sustainability is an essential message to shout about to ensure the longevity and future success of printing.”

- Peter Moody, MD, St Austell Printing Company

St Austell's Myths and Facts Booklet

The Myths and Facts booklet is one of the key resources of the Two Sides campaign. The 24 page A5 booklet addresses the popular myths about print and paper and dispels those myths with verifiable facts.

Members of Two Sides can personalise the Myths and Facts booklet. By adding your company’s logo to the front cover, and corporate images and text to the inside cover, these personalised booklets can be a valuable tool to share with customers, staff and stakeholders.

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