Seacourt is first with Planet Positive Printing

Submitted by: The Two Sides Team 12/07/2017

Two Sides member, UK printer Seacourt, a European leader in environmental excellence, announces Planet Positive Printing, a pioneering programme to make Seacourt one of the first printers to achieve a net positive impact on the environment.  

Seacourt, which already has three Queen’s Awards and an EMAS Award for its innovations in sustainability, has now been certified by ClimateCare as having offset its entire operational footprint - plus an extra 10% - to move to 'beyond carbon neutral' in its impact on the environment.

“Planet Positive Printing is the future for this industry,” says Seacourt Managing Director Gareth Dinnage.  “We have spent decades transforming our business from a resource-intensive, polluting printer to one that has zero impact on the environment.  We have taken more actions than anyone else to be environmentally sustainable, now we are going a step further - making the impact of printed communications absolutely net positive.”

Planet Positive Printing is embodied in Seacourt’s Net Positive programme. Seacourt worked with environmental specialist Empathy Sustainability to carry out stringent verification of the firm’s carbon footprint throughout its entire operation, from paper supplies and printing processes, to distribution to clients and how employees travel in their daily commute.   

To ensure Seacourt is going further than meeting its carbon responsibilities, the firm decided to offset its entire footprint plus 10%.  This was achieved by investing in a widely recgonised ClimateCare programme delivering social, economic and environmental benefits. Through this leading UN-backed project in Brazil, Seacourt is supporting a project, at the mouth of the Amazon, which is helping to conserve 86,000 hectares of forest and to regenerate a further 1,200 hectares of deforested land.

“Print is a powerful communications medium and it’s important that organisations who are environmentally responsible do not feel uncomfortable about buying print,” adds Gareth Dinnage. “Our Net Positive programme places print at the heart of an organisation’s sustainability message.”

Seacourt is known for its radical approach to growing a successful business while actively protecting the environment. The firm runs a thoroughly sustainable operation, from supply to manufacturing and delivery, and leads the world in the use of its LightTouch™ waterless printing technology.  Visit