Brits overwhelmingly prefer traditional Christmas cards

Submitted by: The Two Sides Team 20/12/2016

In the U.K., social media is taking a backseat to print when it comes to Christmas greetings, as Brits overwhelmingly prefer a traditional card over a text or social media message, according to a Royal Mail survey.

The report found 72% of people who celebrate Christmas would rather receive a print card while only 6% favour a message on social media and 10% prefer a text. That preference has been reflected in Christmas card sales reaching £384 million last season in the U.K., which includes sales of 105 million single cards and 900 million cards sold in boxes, according to the Greetings Card Association Market Report 2016. Another survey, conducted by Traidcraft, found even cheerier news for Christmas cards, reporting that 84% prefer cards compared with 3% for texts and 2% for social media messages, The Voice reported Nov. 26.

Always look out for cards printed on paper from sustainably managed forests. When all the festivities are over, be sure to pop your Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the recycling bin. 

Christmas Cards

Source: The Voice