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Frage: Where can I find supporting evidence for stats about paper consumption?

I have seen a number of articles quoting the statistic that paper consumption doubled from 1980 to 2000 but Ive been unable to find any data to support this claim. Any suggestions where I might find it
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Frage: Connections in Japan?

How do you do, I am Akao of Nissin printing who is managing the printing company in Tokyo. It says. With a certain magazine, the report of the organization there was read and it got interested very much to the activity. When it could do, I thought even in...
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Frage: What do you think of the 'misleading' common email tagline?

What is your position on the common email tagline Please consider the environment before printing this email. Is this valid, or misleading
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Frage: Can you provide the url for the little book of common sense?

I am looking for your web page that links to the little book of common sense so I can link to it. Can you send me the URL of that page - not the URL that downloads the PDF I already have that.thanksMark
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Frage: Can I download your information?

is there any informative printmaterial i can order free from this website, facts figures, etc. that is... by the way, the interactive forrest site is great... i started exploring it with my son 4 he is highly interested.greetings
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Frage: Where can I get hold of your reports?

I have just read your report called Print is GreenI would love to be able to share this via my social media networks and blogs, but it lacks real information and case studies and I dont want to buy the reaserch book. Can you advise me on how I get hold of...
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Frage: How much more energy does it take to produce white top linerboard vs natural linerboard?

As a producer of natural linerboard and white top linerboard I am asked how much more energy does it take to produce white top linerboard vs natural linerboard. Do you have any information on this? Thanks.
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Frage: Papier- vs. elektronsische Rechnungen

Dürfen Unternehmen von ihren Kunden Gebühren verlangen, wenn diese nicht bereit sind, von Papier- auf Online-Rechnungen umzusteigen?
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Frage: What percentage of all prints/copies have text on both sides of a paper?

Dear, I'm interested in finding out how much the two-sided printing functionality is used in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherland, Belgium, France,... In other words: which percentage of all prints/copies have ...
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Frage: What is waste paper/cardboard worth? What will a paper/cardboard manufacturer pay on avera...

What is waste paper/cardboard worth? What will a paper/cardboard manufacturer pay on average for waste paper collected by local councils or their waste contractors?
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Frage: How often can paper fibres be recycled?

How often can a fibre be recycled? and how do you count the number of times it has been recycled? Newspapers are continuously recycled time after time. In Europe almost all Newsprint is recycled - can we just keep recycling or do we need virgin fibre adde...
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Frage: Vergleichende Werbung Print vs. e-Medien

Verstößt vergleichende Werbung (z.B. Print im Vergleich zu digitaler Kommunikation) gegen Gesetze oder andere Regelungen in Österreich?
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